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Authentic Connection and Unity Consciousness. In ONENESS we breathe.

The Soul Aligned CommUNITY embodies inclusivity, unity-mindedness, living with conscious awareness, and striving for a whole-being way of life through mind, body, and spirit. When we are awake, we understand that we’re all connected in life. Love is the thread that connects us to the life force energy that exists all around us.

Through the celebration and honoring of oneness, we seek to calibrate with natural cyclical rhythms of nature, the seasons, the directions, the elements, the moon, the cosmos, and our inner life force.

We observe ancient wisdom practices and traditions, and stay illuminated in whole-being practices to empower and call in our intuitive, higher self.

While spiritual in nature, the community welcomes all beliefs, practices, and ideals, and will remain a judgment-free zone.

SOUL ALIGNED is designed to bring together like-minded, unity oriented, awake and consciously aware people with the purpose to plant new seeds, to feel held and supported while soul garden tending, and to be lovingly guided to grow into their highest potential and destiny.

Through thought-provoking topics and conscious conversation, sacred and open Circles, events, and heartfelt support, we offer a safe space to be seen, heard, and appreciated. You matter. In oneness we breathe.

Thank you. We welcome you with open minds, hearts, and arms.

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